What! You’re a Woody Allen fan and YOU’VE NEVER SEEN ANNIE HALL?! WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?!

Yes I know…I really should be ashamed of myself. I don’t know what it was, I just never was in the mood for this one. It never felt right when I sat down and hesitated over the choice of watching this. But don’t fear people… I WATCHED IT. AND IT WAS AMAZING.

It’s quick wit humour makes this movie so easy to fall in love with. Even with Allen’s opening monologue I was already craving the next one and a half hours of the story of Woody Allen’s babbling character Alvy Singer falling in love with the one and only Diane Keaton as the title character. Both stars are so believable as their characters, at times it felt like it was a documentary about simple love. That’s the main thing I LOVED about Annie Hall. It’s humourous but oh so raw and real. So honest about falling in and out of love, without the cliched lines and Hollywood spin.

So if you haven’t done so yet, watch this gem. Don’t wait and regret watching it earlier like I did. 

Colin Farrell in talks for ‘True Detective’ season 2



WHAT?! (dream come trueeee) :D

Originally posted on Inside TV:

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Colin Farrell could be the new star of HBO’s True Detective.

The Irish actor (Fright Night, In Bruges) has been in talks for the role. We’ve been sitting on this news waiting for the deal to close, but as another outlet broke ranks and posted, we’re joining the inevitable online chorus despite the situation still being uncertain. So keep in mind there is no deal at this time as sources say the actor has not accepted HBO’s current offer. But as of today, Farrell is definitely in the mix and considered the most likely lead name to join the acclaimed drama.

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Ok, ok, I’ll keep this one short, you’re probably sick and tired of hearing about this over and over again. But maybe the reason to that is that is was just…..sigh….the best. Now I know I was horribly terrified of watching the movie. Things could go SO wrong with my much beloved book. It had been a while since I last read it too, ( I read it way back in 2011! It wasn’t so famous then…) So to re-live the story through the movie, it had to be perfect. And it didn’t dissapoint. Ansel Egort and Shailene Woodley play the star crossed lovers, Augustus Waters and Hazel Grace Lancaster, lovers who are fated for a short life as they are diagnosed with cancer, I have to say that my biggest worry about the film was Ansel Egort as Augustus. My initial thought was that firstly, he looked NOTHING like how I imagined my Augustus, and secondly he sucked in Carrie, which was terribly off putting. So I thought that he was bound to be the biggest disappointment. But funnily enough he was the highlight to the entire film. You fall in love with him from the very beginning, and you want to just DIE by the end. So yeah, it’s a soppy, teen movie. But it’s a damn good one. 



I know. Not ANOTHER French movie… but I can’t help it! Watching Amelie for the billionth time with my father yesterday sparked it all off again. But here with ‘Love Is In The Air’ a brand new(ish) movie from the French cinema caught me. I tried helplessly to find English subs for this but had no luck. So therefore, it became the first French movie I watched WITHOUT subtitles! Hurrah! I was surprised that my rusty French was capable of understanding the dialogue, but to be honest the plot was relatively easy. Julie and Antoine, ex lovers, find themselves sitting next to each other on the flight from New York to Paris, a dreadful encounter. On the journey, they relive their past; the joys of their love for each other, and the fate that tore them apart. It really is worth watching if you’re trying to find a quick, light, rom com as it is really quite sweet. Both actors were great and I have to say that Nicolas Bedos (Antoine) is DROP DEAD GORGEOUS. AND HE’S FRENCH. I think that’s a double whammy ladies. 



By far my favourite Dustin Hoffman movie. Hoffman plays the father who is struggling to learn of parenthood while becoming recently divorced. You will fall in love with him as the story develops, and I must say I nearly had a heart attack meeting him at a restaurant with the image of him in Kramer Vs Kramer running through my head. His performance got him a well deserved Oscar, along with costar Meryl Streep who is equally fantastic in this. Watch this and you’ll never want to be horrible to your parents again.