One of my all time favorites. EVER. A musical which is definetley as high up the ranks as Singin’ in The Rain mainly due to the casting of Marlon Brando, in A ROMANTIC MUSICAL. Sigh…

The story tells of the problems with gambling especially the going ons with Nathan Detroit’s (Frank Sinatra) famous crap games. Nathan makes a bet with high gambler Sky Masterson (Marlon Brando) betting that he can’t take Sarah Brown (Jean Simmons), a Salvation Army sergeant, to a trip to Havana with him. However, things get ever more complicated as the two enemies start falling for each other.

The performance is absolutely perfect from both Sinatra and Simmons, but I am obligated to say how amazing Brando is in this film. So suave. Even with the lack of his singing skills. Highly enjoyable film for musical lovers.

Note: ‘If I Were A Bell’ is one of my all time favourite musical scenes as Simmons sings of her affection to Brando in a druken state!



Ok, I’m afraid to admit this.

I have never watched a Fred and Ginger movie….ever.

But thankfully now I have!

And I had the pleasure of watching Top Hat which turned out to be AMAZING. I LOVED IT. They are perfection. Their dancing is perfection. Their acting is perfection. Oh my god, I really did fangirl over this. A romantic comedy about mistaken identities never fails me and this was no exception. Go watch it. Now. Soooo feel good! And the BEST part….when Fred serenades Ginger when it starts to pour with rain. SWOON. What happened to men over all those years?!



There is only one exact reason why I am in love with Rebel Without A Cause, and that reason is in the form of James Dean.

He plays the perfect embodiment of an angry, suppressed and confused teenager and the extent of his talent is magically showcased in this film. With the supporting cast of my much loved Natalie Wood and quirky sidekick Sal Mineo, this was the Breakfast Club of its day. The story follows Dean’s character Jim Stark, a teenager whom finds in hard to fit in no matter where he goes and somehow always finds himself in trouble with either the other kids or the authorities themselves. He deals with the adolescent problems of fighting parents and forbidden romance, all the whilst trying to find himself. Dean’s performance in this is definitely reason enough to sit down and watch this jem.



The ultimate feel good movie and my personal number one to go cure for any sort of sadness.I don’t think there is anyone in this world who has seen this classic and finished it without a smile on their face. Gene Kelly’s happy dancing and title song makes this movie one of the best of the 40’s/ 50’s musical era, and remains one of the best musicals today. I have no words for how amazing it is. Shame on you if you haven’t seen it. And if you have, shame on you for not watching it again for the billionth time. 



Historical? Check. Time travel? Check. Scotland? Check. Dashing hunky hero? Check. Awesomeness of the photo above? Check.

This pretty much sums up all the reasons as to why I am currently obsessing over Starz’s new show Outlander based on the much loved series by Diana Gabaldon. I must admit I never read the books, however the audiobook kept me awake most nights, fangirling over the dashing Scot Jamie Fraser! Expect some pretty explicit scenes from this tv show…. don’t be fooled by the rom com factor… Outlander has been named the ‘Feminist answer to Game of Thrones’ which was an obvious reason for me to go crazy over it. Worth watching if you love history/time travel, but also worth watching if you’re not! Jamie Fraser is a reason alone to be dying for the next episode.